Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brewing an Irish Red Ale

I recently ordered a couple of Recipe of the Month kits from Beer & Wine Hobby, and today I brewed my first one. It's a pretty standard recipe for an Irish Red Ale, using roasted barley to achieve a deep red color. Minimal amounts of hops are used.

Since I have this blog now, my wife-to-be graciously volunteered to document the entire brew process in photographs. During the "boring parts," she got a little artsy, hence the great pics like the one above. Start to finish, the process took about two hours, and at the end she handed me a flash drive with 512 pictures on it. She's nuts and I love her.

Q: How do you keep a three year old out of the kitchen on brew day?
A: Put him in a dark room and give him your wife's iPad.

With the kid out of the way, I started brewing and my wife started taking pictures and asking questions. She had never been around for the whole process before, and I think she kind of enjoyed it (other than the fact that she doesn't really like beer). The best moment of the entire day was when she looked at me and asked:

"So, when it looks like the Bog of Eternal Stench, that means you're doing it right?"


I'm pretty pleased with the results of this brew so far. I hit the specific gravity I was shooting for, and I'm liking the color. I'll let you know in a week or so how it looks at bottling time, after it's had time to clear a little.


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