Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bottling Day

Many homebrewers tend to complain when bottling day rolls around. Personally, I love it. Of course, having a utility sink that I can fill with five gallons of Star San helps a ton.

I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the results of this brew. Original gravity was 1.045 and final gravity came in at 1.014, giving us an ABV of just over 4%. The color is a little lighter than I expected, but still has a nice red tint to it. With three weeks until St. Patrick's Day, this beer should be hitting its prime just in time.

My next brew will be a Newcastle Brown Ale clone. I've never used brown sugar in a homebrew before, so I'm eager to see how it turns out. This recipe is entirely DME and specialty grains, which I've also never done before. Hopefully I'll be able to brew this one within the next couple of weeks. But for now...

...54 bottles of Irish Red

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